The highest costs of maintaining a ship are the costs related to fuel consumption. An important aspect is environmental factors: reduction of fuel consumption and emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Therefore, the most efficient use of this resource is important. Real-time fuel consumption measurement provides helpful information on the impact of the various on-board equipment operating modes on the fuel consumption to owners, managers, and ship crew.

Our company builds, supplies and installs systems for very precise measurement of fuel consumption. Years of experience in implementing systems with leading global ship owners and experience in designing, building and installing precise flow measurement devices have enabled us to create the best solutions. Very high accuracy (up to 0.1% deviation) and excellent repeatability (0.05%) of measurements that are not affected by pressure, temperature and fuel viscosity. In addition, all devices are made very robustly and are resistant to severe conditions on ships.

Our engineers try to go a step ahead of the commonly used solutions in the market. The wide range of products offers the most advanced liquid flow measurement technology and its quality control. RES installs fuel metering systems around the world during normal vessel operation.

In addition, RES engineers can integrate the fuel metering system with the ship monitoring system and send fuel consumption data in real-time.

The systems that we offer have the recognition of classification societies and based on a report from the fuel measurement system it is possible to generate a report of emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere as requested by port authorities.

The components we offer are manufactured by renowned companies and meet the highest standards. Because our offer is very specialized and extensive, we do not provide you with descriptions and photos of all products. In order to match the right solution to your needs, we need your inquiry.

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