We have an experienced and qualified team of designers, which allows us to implement projects for new construction, as well as implementation of design tasks related to all kinds of reconstructions and renovations of existing units.
RES devices and installations designed by the RES design office are characterized by high quality and a high degree of reliability which has been confirmed by many realizations.
The office works on the basis of AutoCad and EPLAN software.

  • drawing up premises and technical description for low-voltage electrical installations
  • developing technical and initial conditions (WTZ) for equipment delivered to the maritime market
  • drafting up energy balance
  • performing short-circuit calculations
  • selecting key devices included in ship electrical installations, such as: generating sets, electric propulsions and jet thrusters with frequency converters, battery batteries
  • designing low voltage switchgears based on the applicable standards and regulations of leading Classification Societies: main switchboards, emergency switchboards, auxiliary switchboards
  • designing desktops installed on the bridge
  • designing CMK desktops
  • carrying out the approval process of project documentation in Classification Societies
  • selecting and parameterising power management systems (PMS)
  • selecting and parameterising monitoring and control systems
  • selecting of cables
  • developing technical projects
  • preparing detailed designs
  • conducting engineering supervision at the stage of investment implementation
  • drafting up as-built documentation