We have been delivering effective electrical and automatics solutions for the maritime industry continuously since 1949.
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Maintenance services department

We provide maintenance and installation services for our clients, also ensuring installation and starting up of products within the projects in progress. Our maritime services are intended to ensure support for clients to help them fulfil obligations in the scope of safety, as well as to guarantee that the resources and equipment meet ever-increasing requirements in specialised circles of the maritime and fuel industry.

Breakdowns, planned repairs, maintenance

Our service team ensures services globally to support the client in emergency cases of equipment and system breakdowns. We also provide routine maintenance for E&I equipment. The cost of preventing system failures, especially in equatorial and subtropical climates, is significantly lower than the potential consequences resulting from such failures, as well as the impact of electrical system failures on the health, safety and well-being of maritime personnel.


The team of RES engineers and technicians involved in installations has qualifications and experience in the installation work of all components and parts that make up the electrical system, including wires, cables, equipment, electrics, and instrumentation. We specialise in areas of high voltage installations and in potentially explosive areas on ships and oil rigs.

Modifications and modernisations

RES can replace old and unsupported systems with modern, proven ship technology. These improvements reduce operational costs and increase the equipment's performance and life cycle. The RES service team has a long history of modernisation on operational vessels, thus providing our clients with the possibility of reducing downtime during operations.


Starting up is necessary to ensure that systems achieve their design performance. We carry out commissioning, starting and restarting of electrical switchboards as well as other devices and systems of marine electro-automation.

Spare parts

RES has established relationships with many major manufacturers, which allows us to effectively acquire a wide range of devices and parts at competitive prices. - Spare parts support repairs and maintenance, and ensure fast and timely delivery to the facility.