rynek offshore

Over the last 15 years, we have gained extensive experience in mining and exploitation of subsea deposits and petrochemical customers, cooperating with such companies as BP, Siemens Oil and Gas, Grupa Lotos. We are certified and audited in the Achilles FPAL system as a competent supplier of products and services for the offshore industry.
We provide industry-specific solutions as well as non-standard systems. We specialize in a wide range of works, including design, engineering and project management, procurement, commissioning and customer service equipment training.


  • Installation of control and measurement equipment
  • Comprehensive delivery of instrumentation and control systems (control cabinets, including custom-prefabricated, logic systems, distribution control systems
  • Installation of accompanying installations on power facilities (SAP, earthing and lightning protection systems, structural cabling, supports, valves, pipelines)
  • Design and installation of cable routes, in heavy and light systems, including prefabrication
  • Laying cables and wires
  • Modernization of the existing electrical infrastructure
  • Modernization and repair of automation systems
  • Installation of Ex and Ex 2D devices
  • Final commissioning of systems
  • Advising on the selection of materials and systems
  • Maintenance services